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ASB IT provides help desk support to our customers through various ways such as phone, email and website.

ASB IT's association with some largest distributors such as Ingram Micro, Dicker Data, Express Data, Harris Technology and many more gives our Customers a full range of hardware and software access. ASB IT has acquired reseller accounts with them. Purchasing hardware and software from distributors through us is cheaper than buying it from retail shop.

And ASB IT will look after its valuable customers by providing competitive price or lesser on any hardware and software requirements. Purchasing from us adds another benefit which is we know what system you need for your Network environment.

So, if you have any sales enquiries please send us an email at sales@asbit.com.au and one of our team members will contact you on timely manner.

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Why choose Us

Of course, ASB IT is another IT service provider, but ASB IT's core purpose is to have a positive impact on the lives of our customers. Our passion for achieving something greater and keeping customer happy makes us different from other IT companies.

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Remote Support

With the remote support we need to connect to your computer with the use of either pre-installed remote agent or we request you to run a small piece of remote software from the below link. Prior to connecting to your computer we ask for your permission.

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Contact Us Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us using below address and email. OR you can submit your concerns by filling in all the required* fields and a representative will contact you shortly. If you would like to speak to us immediately, please call us on 02 9195 3838.

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