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IT Issues, speak to our friendly support on 02 8740 4619

What we do..

ASB IT SOLUTIONS provide a full range of Information technology services to small to Medium sized businesses. We have industry certified engineers to assist you on every step of your IT needs. You just tell us what you want and we mould our IT services to meet your requirements while ensuring that we maintain consistency with industry best practices.

No lock-in contracts - When economy is tough, every budding business try to lower its operating costs. While a lot of IT service providers are very much ask you to sign contracts for 6, 12 months or more, ASB IT believes that if you work hard to keep the customers happy, you don't need lock-in contracts. It is true that if you sign up for longer associations, you get a good discount but it is not required at all.

Following services are the main area of expertise of ASB IT:

  1. Server Management
  2. Network Management
  3. Managed IT Services
  4. Network/Email Security
  5. Backup and Recovery
  6. Disaster Recovery
  7. Helpdesk
  8. Hardware and Software Sales
  9. Website Design and Hosting

If you would like more information about any of the above services, please drop us a line at