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2013-06-24 00:19:50 by Bikram Gurung ( 0 Comments )

Internet Security Pro virus infection


Recently one of our customer called to report his computer is saying he has got 100 infections. Then I asked, "Is it Symantec Endpoint showing you the infections?" as I know they use Symantec Endpoint Protection as their Anti virus. He replied, "No, it is called Internet Security Pro". Then I immediately knew that it is an infection with fake anti virus called Internet security. It itself being infection, it shows so many infected items on your computer fakely. In 7 out of 10, your computer might not have infected apart from that fake antivirus.

To remove this sort of infection, you need to reboot the computer in safe mode with networking mode. If you login to this mode, you will have full internet connection. Then you can download and install Malwarebytes. Before malwarebytes, download and install root kill which will kill any infected .exe from running. Then you can run malwarebytes.

9 out of 10, Malwarebytes will detect and present with an option for you to delete those infection.

Always download malwarebytes from website.