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24/06/2013 00:19:50 by Bikram Gurung

Internet Security Pro virus infection


Recently one of our customer called to report his computer is saying he has got 100 infections. Then I asked, "Is it Symantec Endpoint showing you the infections?" as I know they use Symantec Endpoint Protection as their Anti virus. He replied, "No, it is called Internet Security Pro". Then I immediately knew that it is an infection with fake anti virus called Internet security. It itself being infection, it shows so many infected items on your computer fakely. In more

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20/03/2013 17:46:56 by Bikram Gurung

NBN Cost Q & A

Q. How much will it cost me?

A. NBN plans start from as little as $30 a month for a faster, more reliable service.

Q. How much are NBN plans?

A. NBN packages are already proving to be competitive with existing broadband services, such as ADSL, for a better service. Plans start from as little as $30 a month for a 12 megabits per second (Mbps) download speed and one Mbps upload service with a 15 gigabyte (GB) monthly data allowance. Other service providers are more

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18/03/2013 20:53:25 by Bikram Gurung

The Australian Newspaper

The Australian Newspaper has been made paid newspaper. Digital pass is $1 for first 28 days and then it will be $2.95 per week.

All the contents are claimed to be exclusive.

To read more about visit The more

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